About Michelle

Data Protection Consultant / Director

Michelle is a data protection consultant with over 10 years of experience in quality and compliance, including writing policies, procedures, processes and completing audits. She has a deep understanding of the GDPR and is able to help organisations with their compliance efforts. She is also able to help with data protection strategy and advise on best practices.

Michelle Molyneux, Data Protection Consultant

Michelle Molyneux – My Story

Michelle started her career as a primary school teacher when she was 23. Since then, she has worked in administration, export management, quality compliance and practice development across different sectors, particularly in the education and health and social care sectors.

In 2000, whilst working full-time, Michelle completed an HNC in Business and Management to support her transition out of teaching.

In 2016, while working within a national health and social care provider, Michelle took over the day-to-day management of data protection, which included completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. She had already been supporting the organisation by keeping all the operational policies and procedures reviewed and up to date.

In 2017, Michelle decided to use her skills to support small businesses through her virtual assistance business.

In 2021, Michelle completed the PECB course; Certified Data Protection Officer; and trained by Action Learning Associates to become an Action Learning Facilitator.

Michelle has a successful career in creating and delivering training to staff, based on the processes and values of the organisation. She uses her extensive experience as an Action Learning Facilitator and Practice Development Officer to help businesses implement best practices, improve individuals and teams with problem-solving, and streamline and create workable processes. All of these efforts support the values and practices of the organisation within teams and organisations.

As part of her CPD, Michelle keeps up to date with all changes relating to data protection, privacy and compliance through reading articles, new bills, regulation updates and webinars.

PECB Certified DPO
VACT Mastery
Michelle Molyneux Business Consulting, Data Protection, Be Data Savvy

Why Work With Me?

I love data protection and compliance. I love nothing more than to work out what is going to in a business, how all the parts fit together, and then work out how you do it all. Writing those processes down in easy-to-read and understandable processes for others to follow not only makes things easier for you but also for your team.

Data protection and privacy is not just one piece of legislation, but a web of them that covers your business. Let my love for the subject, mean you don’t need to get bogged down reading the legislation, but know you have someone there to support you on your day-to-day needs and management.

Qualifications & Experience



  • Bachelor of Education
  • HNC Business and Management
  • PECB Certified Data Protection Officer
  • Accredited Action Learning Facilitator


  • Over 12 years experience supporting businesses with policies, procedures and compliance
  • Over 25 years within Education and Health and Social Care sectors
  • Over 8 year experience specialising in data protection and privacy
  • Practice Development; delivering training and reflective practice sessions 
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