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Welcome to Michelle Molyneux Business Consultant

At Michelle Molyneux Data Protection Consultancy, we specialize in making data protection simple and accessible for micro and small businesses across the UK. Understanding the complexities of data protection regulations like the GDPR can be daunting, especially for smaller enterprises with limited resources. That’s where we step in.

Founded by Michelle Molyneux, a passionate data protection specialist, our consultancy is a culmination of years of experience in the field of data protection and privacy laws. Michelle’s expertise, coupled with her commitment to supporting small businesses, forms the core of our consultancy’s values.

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The need for data protection

The numbers behind the reasons

Every years we are given statistics around data protection, risks and breaches. In the Business Data Survey 2022, the report states that 16% of businesses transfer data overseas, whether that be Europe or North America.

In q4 of 2021/22, the majority of incidents were non-cyber incidents that were reportable to the ICO. This means the incidents are not as a result of an external attack on a system




Of soletraders use digitised personal data


Cyber Security Incidents


Transfer data overseas


Non-cyber security incidents

Having data either on a digital system, in hardcopy or a combination can be tricky, especially as we have information on different systems and locations (including that shoebox). We can help identify and map where the data is, what it is used for and also help reduce the risk of data incidents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to demystify data protection and make compliance achievable for every small business. We believe that safeguarding personal data should not be a burden but a seamless aspect of your everyday operations. Our approach is friendly, supportive, and always tailored to the unique needs of your business.

What we do

We offer a range of services designed to help your business navigate the intricacies of data protection:

  • GDPR Compliance: Guidance on understanding and implementing GDPR requirements in a way that fits your business operations.
  • Data Protection Training: Practical workshops and training sessions for you and your staff to handle personal data safely and confidently.
  • Policy Development: Assistance in developing clear, compliant data protection policies and procedures.
  • Data Security Audits: Evaluations of your current data handling practices to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous advice and updates on evolving data protection regulations to ensure your business remains compliant.

What We Do Best

Data Protection Consultancy

We are passionate about supporting small businesses and charities with data protection compliance

Identifying and Implementing New Systems

A system does not always mean new tech, just a different way of working. We will work with you to identify what works, and what needs tweaking. Finding the best solutions to suit your needs.


We can create bespoke data protection training packages for your employees and managers, that can be delivered by eLearning, live and in person, or virtually.

Team coaching and mentoring

Working with small teams of peers, we use action learning to support the growth and development of team members through reflective learning. This allows the team to gain a deeper understanding and perspective on the issues they have.


I recently worked with Michelle after having a data protection query on one of my client contracts.    Not only was Michelle very approachable but she was very knowledgeable and explained things to me in a manner that was easy to understand.   I’ll admit that data protection throws me most of the time, yet Michelle is a genius at making it easy to understand.   I highly recommend both her and the short calls she provides on her website to get to the bottom of quick queries.  Her advice was absolutely invaluable to me, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else for data protection information.

Colette Walls


Our Vision

Dedicated to Assurance:

We commit to unwavering dedication in ensuring that your data protection is robust, reliable, and resilient.

Adaptive Strategies:

We offer dynamic, adaptive strategies tailored to meet the evolving data protection needs of businesses of all sizes.

Trustworthy Guidance:

We aim to be the beacon of trust and expertise in the labyrinth of data protection, providing clear, expert guidance to navigate the complexities of compliance.

Accessible Expertise:

We strive to universalise data protection, making our expert advice accessible to empower businesses, fostering a culture of data privacy and security.

Our Values

Supportive Approach

We prioritise a supportive environment, both within our team and in our interactions with clients. Understanding that data protection can be a complex and daunting field, we strive to provide guidance and assistance that’s not only informative but also empathetic, ensuring our clients feel confident and well-supported in their data protection journey.

Practical Solutions

Our focus is on offering practical, straightforward solutions that are easy to implement for micro and small businesses. Recognising that resources can be limited, we aim to provide strategies that are both cost-effective and efficient, ensuring compliance without overwhelming our clients.

Above and Beyond 

We’re committed to exceeding expectations in the service we provide. This means meeting the basic requirements of GDPR and data protection laws and going the extra mile to ensure our clients’ data protection strategies are robust, future-proof, and tailored to their unique needs.


We believe in the power of collaboration, both internally and with our clients. Data protection is a team effort, and by working closely together, we can achieve more effective, comprehensive strategies that are aligned with business goals and customer expectations.

Empowering Our Clients

Our ultimate goal is to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to manage their data protection responsibilities confidently. We provide resources, training, and ongoing support to demystify data protection and GDPR compliance, enabling businesses to take ownership of their data protection practices.

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