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Optimising Data Protection

Data protection and quality assurance are key to every business. Knowing what information we have, and how we ensure data protection is fundamental  to data protection. It is not just knowing what to do, but implementing it. 



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Support Exactly To Your Needs

We understand that every business and their needs are different. That is why we tailor to your requirements. 

Michelle Molyneux Be Data Savvy, GDPR, Data Protection

Our Specialities

From DIY to full Data Protection Support, we can help!

Power hour consultation

Data Protection Documentation Pack

Data Protection Implementation Package

Data Audit

Data Audit and Action Plan

Outsourced Data Protection Officer



What We Can Do For You

No matter what size your business, we all need to be compliant with the endless regulations. With over 10 years experience within quality and compliance, and 5 years data protection experience, we support small businesses with quality and compliance as well as data protection.

Policy creation and review

We can create and review policies and procedures bespoke to your business.

Data Protection support

Tailor-made support for all your data-protection needs.

power hour

Ever needed an hour to un-pick what to do, and create a plan of action?

Accreditation support

We support on identifying and collating all the data required for accreditation.

From Our Founder

Making it managable

As a small business owner myself, I understand the amount of admin that is required. I enjoy working with small businesses and charities to ensure they are providing a quality service that is compliant with all the required regulations. More importantly, ensuring that the processes are understood, manageable and can be embedded. 



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