Businesses get accreditations to show they have met a certain standard within a certain area or sector. Some accreditations include CHAS (health and safety), Data Security and Protection Toolkit (Health and Social Care), PQASSO. 

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is a self-assessment that shows commissioners and CQC that you have met a certain level of compliance in data protection. 

Where do I start?

One of the hardest parts of getting accreditation is to decifyer what they are looking for and then collating it all. 

Getting material together for an accreditation can be difficult and time-consuming. 

What is Accreditation Support?

We work with a business to work through the accreditation instructions, identify what documentation you need and collating in a logical way ready to submit.

What do we do?

We breakdown what the accreditation requirements into;

  • a list of documents you need
  • easy to understand questions to be answered to provide evidence
  • schedule online sessions in to ‘blast’ through the questions and collate the evidence, where necessary
  • complete the questions and upload the evidence provided

We will even help identify what material is missing and support you to create AND implement it in the organisation.


We can not guarantee accreditation, as this is based on the answers and information provided by the businesses. Unfortunately, we can’t get accreditations when information and material is not there. BUT we can work with you towards gaining  accreditations.  

If you would like to know more, book a free 30 minute chat to see how we could support you best. 

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